MyLibrary workshop

MyLibrary is a digital library toolbox -- a set of object-oriented Perl modules designed to do I/O against a data model rooted in the Dublin Core meta-data elements and supplemented with a faceted classification system. These modules, in combination with other pieces of software, enable librarians and developers to create digital library collections and services.

The goals of this workshop are to describe the functionality of MyLibrary, demonstrate a number of ways it can be used, and make participants more aware additional venues for creating and maintaining digital libraries. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to: describe what MyLibrary can and can not do, design a faceted classification system, understand how to use the MyLibrary API to create digital library collections and implement digital library services, outline a process of harvesting OAI content into a MyLibrary instance, as well as outline methods to syndicate MyLibrary content.

Workshop outline

I. MyLibrary is a toolbox, not an application

II. A (digital) library as a set of collections combined with services; "Collections without services are useless, and services without collections are empty."

III. A workflow for implementing a digital library

  1. Answer questions regarding information architecture: users, context, and content
  2. Allocate resources: time, money, hardware & software and people
  3. Implement
  4. Conduct usability studies
  5. Evaluate
  6. Repeat

IV. Facets & terms: Designing a controlled vocabulary

V. Doing data-entry

  1. Sets of books
  2. Sets of journals
  3. Sets of Internet resources

VI. Making content searchable

  1. Index the content with swish-e
  2. Make the index accessble via SRU
  3. Create a simple SRU client

VII. Creating user interfaces

  1. Browsable interfaces
  2. Searchable interfaces
  3. Personalized/customized interfaces

VIII. Automate data-entry

  1. Import sets of MARC records
  2. Import a set of images from an OAI repository
  3. Import a set of journal titles from an OAI repository

IX. Syndicating MyLibrary content

  1. Write a pathfinder
  2. Create a search bookmarklette
  3. Make an OAI data repository
  4. Create RSS feeds

X. Discuss the state of librarianship


The workshop has a number of components that you can download:

  1. the handout in the form of a PDF document
  2. the handout in the form of plain o' text file
  3. a set of Perl scripts, modules, configuration files, and sample data used for the hands-on activities

Creator: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Source: This workhop was originally given in Zagreb (Croatia) in March of 2006.
Date created: 2006-03-12
Date updated: 2006-03-12
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