Eric visits Savannah

This is the simplest of travel logs documenting my trip to Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) in Savannah, GA to attend the Southern DRA User's Group Meeting, August 6-7, 1998.

  1. The conference began with a short introduction by Frank Butler, VP Academic Affairs of AASU. He remarked that librarians must create a vision for the future, but he did not allude to what that vision should be.
  2. Next, Ben Lee, the library director thanked the attendees for their participation and described his enthusiasm for librarianship.
  3. The presentation by Karen Reichart of The Citadel was the first I visited. She demonstrated how she uses Microsoft Access to do some analysis of the canned Report Writer reports supplied by her system. Her presentation was called " Using Microsoft Access to Manipulate DRA and other Text-based Report. "
  4. In attendance were a few DRA representatives: Jane Haller, Nicole Lemley, and Mary Miller.
  5. There were a few happy campers for my presentation, " Delivering a Current Awareness Service Based on the Contents of MARION ".
  6. I took a quick tour of the AASU campus and visited Lane Library .
  7. There I saw a sign just waiting to have its picture taken!
  8. That evening the attendees took a two-hour boat ride up and down Savannah River. We saw lots of warehouses, a few broken down buildings, a fort, and listened to a poorly presented karioki singer.
  9. The next day I attended Ms. Reichart's presentation on the creation of her simple reserve room system, " A Simple & Elegant Electronic Reserves System ." There was then an open discussion with the DRA representatives concerning future implementations of DRA software. It was there I learned the distinction between DRA Classic, DRAWeb II, and Taos. As the conference concluded, I started touristing in the historic district. I began by noticing an interesting down spout.
  10. Savannah is a planned city. It contains numerous parks. The parks contain many statues including its first sea captain,...
  11. and monuments to indians.
  12. City Hall is built in the traditional neo-classical style.
  13. There was a branch of the Savannah Public Library near River Street. Very, very small.
  14. River Street itself is where most of the commercial tourist action seems to take place.
  15. On River Street there is a nice view of the bridge and a very old boat.
  16. The statues continue here with the Waving Girl.
  17. The architecture of some of the homes of Savannah is quite interesting. Here is one example,...
  18. ..., and here is another.
  19. Savannah is home to a very old, Revolutionary War cemetary.
  20. The largest park in the city is also home to large fountain.
  21. The fountain contains many smaller statues.

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